Dazzling Circus Performers for Your Event

Atomic Entertainment is the ultimate New York performance, delivered to you anywhere in the world. With an array of spectacular circus performers, we're proud to add a dramatic flair to any event.

Types of Events

Whether you aim to delight guests at your wedding, dazzle colleagues at your company party, or astound buyers at your product launch, Atomic Entertainment is a necessary element for whatever party you're throwing next. Our circus performers combine the technique and panache of New York with the world-class artistry of Montreal's renowned acrobatic scene. Clients love the grandeur of the big top combined with the intimacy of a personal performance.

Aerial Performers

Our acrobats operate high overhead, flying through the air with the greatest of ease above your festivities. Imagine a trapeze artist flipping and gripping the bar from dizzying heights, or an aerialist performing stunning and intricate feats from above. One thing's for certain: our aerial performers will show your guests something new and intriguing at each performance!


Want to spice up the dance floor? We have a considerable lineup of flavors to add a kick of exquisite movement to your event. Envisioning a 1920s/Great Gatsby-themed party? Get our flapper girl dancers to foxtrot, Charleston, and Lindy hop around the room. Throwing a party with a tropical theme? Our fire dancers will bring some Polynesian heat to the dance floor. The beautiful movements of our ribbon dancers make for a mesmerizing performance, and sultry routines from our burlesque dancers are perfect for setting the mood at a grown-up party. With our broad dance experience, we can perfectly match the theme or motif of your gala.

Traditional Circus Performers

Harken back to the golden age of the big top with our traditional circus performers. Instead of taking center stage, our traditional performers mingle among the guests and perform throughout the venue. Our traditional circus performers are adept at the timeless talents of stilt walking, juggling, contortionism, and more, and they can perform all manner of oddities and intricacies of mind and body. Be the ringmaster of your own circus with our entertainers!

Other Entertainment

At Atomic Entertainment, our performers and their talents are put to work for you. We can develop a show tailored to the unique needs and themes of your event, and our flexibility allows us to work with your budget while providing a product you'll be proud of. With aerial bartenders and costumed hostesses as well as singers and musicians to belt out beautiful vocal performances, we have it all and more.

Contact us today to learn how we can entertain you!