High-End Entertainers and Cirque Performers

Atomic Entertainment provides world-class cirque performers, dance troupes, and entertainers for both corporate and personal events. Our exceptionally talented performance artists can travel anywhere in the world to put on a stunning show tailored to our individual client's desires.

Who We Are

Atomic Entertainment is based out of New York and Montreal, allowing us to draw on New York's traditions of art and dance, and Montreal's distinguished circus performers. Our well-respected artistic director, Robb Wexler, has earned a stellar reputation on the stages of New York and Montreal. His talent and impeccable taste ensure that only the best find a place on our team. To see our brilliant work with your own eyes, take at look at our collection of photos and videos.

What We Offer

Delight your guests with the breathtaking acts of our cirque performers! Our professional team of Montreal's renowned artists features talents that will impress any crowd. Our clients and their guests will witness daring feats by our aerialists, trapeze artists, acrobats, and contortionists, as our stilt walkers take the party to new heights. Fire dancers are sure to add sizzle, and break dancers help your guests find the beat.

In addition to our gifted cirque performers, Atomic Entertainment draws from New York's prized and talented dance professionals. Treat your guests to a tease from our glamorous, sensual burlesque dancers who expertly balance suggestion and style. Dance troupes and ribbon dancers lend an extra touch of grace to any gathering as they mesmerize the audience with their impressive movements. For an extra touch of flair, our 1920s flapper girls will have everyone on their feet doing the Charleston. From aerial bartenders who amuse the audience with liquid magic to full-scale productions and Vegas-style shows, our range of talent and scale is sure to please. Browse the list of our services to find the act that suits your event.

Who Our Clients Are

Atomic Entertainment adds an unforgettable spark to corporate events, as well as private affairs, and we can work to satisfy a variety of budgets and tastes. Our client list demonstrates our ability to please a large audience and includes major companies, nightclubs, and marketing and promotional events. We also offer our services to personal clients to make weddings, milestone birthdays, and parties truly memorable for participants. Contact us to receive a customized proposal within 48 hours.

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