Spectacular Aerial Performers

Atomic Entertainment offers our unique and dazzling aerial performers for your party or event. With two offices in artistically exclusive areas, we have the unique ability to work with the talented circus performers of Montreal and the glamour of New York's dance and design world, mixing two amazing artistic fields into one.

Spectacular Events

Are you looking for a wow-factor you can't get anywhere else? Do you or a loved one have a milestone birthday coming up? Does your company have an important marketing or corporate event? Or maybe you are planning a big wedding? Our performances leave a lasting impression, which is why some of the biggest corporations and event spaces have come back to us time and time again. With our production experience, we can provide spectacles large or small on any budget. And even though we are located in the states and Canada, we are proud to travel to you to bring New York City entertainment anywhere in the world!

Aerial Performers

Our spectacle offers dancing performers mingling with the crowds and stage shows filled with wonder. Our three types of aerial performers move with a special magnificence only we can supply. Witness the agility, strength, and balance of our wonderful acrobats as they execute individual performances or mingle among the crowd. Our trapeze artists go above and beyond the circus performers you remember from your childhood. We boost these acts with artistic attributes and New York style, creating an ever-changing routine for our events. Aerial Silks add a flowing beauty. Watch as they climb, wrap, and drop, their dazzling tricks bringing a unique aspect of elegance to your party.

If you're planning an important event and want to blow your guests away, our aerial performers are what you are looking for! Contact us today for your next party.